It`s worth being with God

Visited in full misery condition, a Christian is told to become a tithe giver and God would provide changes in his life.


It`s worth being with God
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

“When God`s word reached me, I used to live in the middle of a forest under a borrowed canvas. I had nothing just snakes and ticks under a full misery condition. I used to ask for a dish of food at people`s doors. I had tuberculosis and I was hopeless, threatened by death after having lost my wife and children”, tells José Santana Fernandes, 56, resident in Ipatinga, Minas Gerais

“In 2008, my life was like Job`s when a servant of the Worldwide Church of God`s Power found me and asked me if he could visit me, so I agreed. He came together with a pastor to the middle of the forest. They prayed for me and asked whether I was a tithe giver. The pastor granted me a moneybag and told me to become a tithe giver. Even not having anything, I agreed. I prayed to the Lord and I asked Him if those men were His, it was for Him to bless me.

After that I started to give the tithe of everything I received from donation or what I could find. I started selling pieces of watermelon for one real in the street market and giving the tithe of the value. God got into my life and changed all my life history reassuring that this ministry belongs to Him I always asked God for a room made of bricks in order to get away from the open ceiling. Today, I have two apartments, a fast-food restaurant, a bus line, my own house, cars, employees, and I thrive. I have a real estate of over a million reais. God restored my health, healed me from tuberculosis, and gave my wife back as well as my family. Inspired by those men who were brought by God to me, today, I am also a servant at this ministry and I tell everyone: It`s worth dedicating your life to the Lord”.


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“Have mercy upon me, O LORD; for I am weak: O LORD, heal me; for my bones are vexed.”

(Psalm 6:2)
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