Player is sold to Portugal team after mother make purpose

In addition to her son, Deonilda offered for her granddaughter who started taking medicine


Player is sold to Portugal team after mother make purpose
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

The nursing technician Deonilda Luiza Siqueira, 56, came from Santa Catarina to testify. It was about 600 km traveled to the World City of Dreams of God, in Bras, in São Paulo, to speak the miracles that his family has lived. Deonilda was one of the faithful who made the "Purpose of the Age" - special offer proportional to the number of years of the person who is the target of the miracle. In total, there were two: one for the son and granddaughter. Both with situations tied. Her granddaughter was in the third attempt to pass the medical exam. Already, the son could not take off in the career of soccer player. Hired 9 years ago as a goalkeeper by Joinville team was never released to close with other teams or at least "borrowed." The routine had already discouraged him. There was no possibility of growth even with evolution in performance. The team fell to the B series and the young man wanted to live new challenges.

Thirty days after the fulfillment of the vote, his granddaughter received the news of the approval to enroll in the college, in the chosen course, and the son was authorized to sign a contract with Moreirense Futebol Clube, in the city of Guimarães, in Portugal.

"My son's contract is winning but I believe it will be renewed. I am also here to achieve this blessing, "said the nursing technician when being interviewed by the Apostle Valdemiro Santiago. The Apostle recalled the case of player Reinaldo. His wife was seeking for her husband in the World Cup service and even asked the Franciscan Bishop to pray blessing her husband who was facing a difficult career. Reinaldo came on to the roar. Then he was loaned to Ponte Preta and Chapecoense, today he plays for São Paulo and stands out among the names of the main team. "Tell him it's just the beginning. He will play in Benfica or Sporting, "prophesied Apostle Valdemiro with great animation.


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