Seven-pound cyst removed

In addition to training, retired also removed dozens of stones in the kidney and gallbladder


Seven-pound cyst removed
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

"I'm in love with my God. I served the Lord 9 years ago and this faith saved me, "said retired Ilda Helena Vieira, 69, who traveled by bus for two days from the city of São Gabriel, in Rio Grande do Sul to São Paulo to share in the World City of Dreams of God of Brás, the miracle that lived. The first thing that Ilda did when she was invited by Bishop Amaury de Farias to go up on the altar was to kneel and thank her. Very moved she hugged the man of God and told details of the healing process.

Eight months ago, surgery removed a seven-kilogram cyst lodged near the liver. The training occupied a large part of the abdomen, caused pain and prevented it from eating. "I could barely eat, sometimes it was just water and a bit of brea".

The photo with the cyst surprised Bishop Amaury. "A baby is born with 2, 3 pounds. This cyst was very large. Only the Lord's grace could make anyone bear it". Stones in the kidney and gall bladder that were at risk were also extracted, experts say. "I was delivered from death. The stones were the size of a jabuticaba and were compromising my organs". Overcoming Fear The stones in the gallbladder had already been diagnosed 20 years ago, but the fear prevented Ilda from operating. "I did not have the courage. My faith was to be healed without going through this procedure and let the problem get worse. Over time, I learned that there are many avenues to healing, mine was to trust and undergo surgery. Today I'm doing well and doing everything at home". Like Peter walking on water, Gaucho had to believe even the last circumstance. It seemed risky to leave the boat, the safest place to navigate the sea. Only a person full of faith can surrender to such a point. If you have received a diagnosis that has worried your heart, just trust. God empowers physicians to bless us and be the remedy for physical pain that would make us suffer. There is a healing path for you too!


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