Forgiveness: children reenact friendship

It's been three long years without meeting or talking


Forgiveness: children reenact friendship

The Christmas and New Year celebrations are an ideal time to bring the family together, are not they? But housewife Joaquina Lourdes de Arruda, 72, a resident of Cruzeiro, a town in the interior of São Paulo, did not know what it was like to have her three children together at the same address three years ago. Mother of a woman and two men, Joaquina needed to use all her faith reserve after her children discussed and closed the doors of their hearts to each other.

"The boys did not live together anymore. They stopped talking on the phone and could not be in the same environment they had already been fighting. The whole situation has saddened me. "

Even upset, her knees did not stop bending. The clamor was his way to the miracle. "He presented this cause in prayer in the services of the Urgent Miracle and Impossible Causes, took pictures and asked the shepherds to intercede. For the glory of God, before the holiday season, they again talked and one forgave the other. We are united again. " The value of forgiveness Forgiveness is like being a prisoner of emotions. Sorrow leaves life bitter and colorless. All that comes to feed is the desire for revenge, trying to comfort your heart by doing justice with your own hands, but in fact, the only one who will end up getting even more hurt will be you. The twins Esau and Jacob, grandchildren of Abraham, exemplify the value of forgiveness well. Esau was deceived by the younger brother who robbed him of the birthright's blessing. Jacob, was a death jury and had to flee far away. A long time later, they meet again and the blood bond speaks louder: "Esau ran to meet him and hugged him; he fell on his neck and kissed him; and wept, "Genesis 33: 4. Both were stolen: one of his right and another of the coexistence with the relatives. Bottom line: no side won. Jacob was so happy with the reconciliation that he compared Esau to "if he had beheld the countenance of God," Genesis 33:10. Do you hold anyone's hurt? Get rid of the emotional chains and forgive. I'm sure you'll be as cheerful as Jacob and realize that you should have made that choice a long time ago.


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