Four Sundays of nonstop praying

Apostle declares his purposes for the month of September 2017


Four Sundays of nonstop praying
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

Apostle Valdemiro Santiago prepared a purpose for the whole month of September 2017, and he announced the following message:

“In Exodus 17, Moses got desperate. He was much stronger than we are. He was compared to Jesus; he was called the greatest deliverer. In a battle, God said, while Moses` hands were lifted, people would win the battle. It will happen like that because if I am God`s man today, I will start on this Sunday the nonstop prayer. When Moses got tired and downward his hands, the enemy prevailed, but when they lifted, Israel prevailed. Two men held Moses ‘arms, and God provided them with the victory.

Even if God chooses someone to start the prayer, if there is no one to help, your arms won`t stand. Moses got tired, and he needed someone to help keep his arms lifted and so he prevailed. We will pray nonstop, and we will prevail, grow, and win. When everything was over, Moses celebrated, built the altar, and called Him “The Lord is my flag.” The nonstop prayer starts in the month of the independence in Brazil, this month on Sunday. Don`t get astonished or astounded if you come one of these Sundays and we have just prayers, and you go home because we will pray until the Lord provides us with the victory while we say the Lord is our flag. One flag was given to the church symbolizing this victory. With it, you will offer 153 BRL. Just obey and get possession of this purpose. Sunday you bring, and we will pray. This seed will work out like this as if you were the assistants holding the arms of the one who prophesies and prays while you help the ministry of God to expand”. Come to show your prayer to God these Sundays of September. God has victories for your life


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“Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.”

(Psalms 34:19)
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