Do you have a place for Jesus in your life?

Jesus place may never be taken by anything.


By: Bishop Jorge Pinheiro

Article by: Victor Correa

Do you have a place for Jesus in your life?
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

Is there a place for Jesus in your life, in your car, at home? When you come home, get into your car, it`s necessary to have a place for Jesus. Jesus is not like other people. When Jesus got into Simon`s house, He was treated as any local political authority. Under the table, a sinner woman washed His feet with her tears and dried with her hair. Simon treated Jesus as equals while the woman treated Him as who regretted her sins. Simon thought he was the greatest, but the woman recognized God.

Recognizing God makes the person important to God, even if the person is cultivated or illiterate. In the Revelation, to the Laodicean Church, Jesus said He was at the door and knocked at it. Was He always outside that church? That church had been blessed before that moment. The people were passionate and hold onto God. When people are hold onto God, they show solutions, the ways and blessings of the Lord flow naturally in the lives of those who fear Him. The success comes from God. That people changed and became arrogant, haughty, disdainful, when in fact, everyone is alike. Just One is on a superior layer, that`s God.

God may make us grow, improve in life, being successful in every segments, but we have to be humble. Laodicean was nothing until the moment Jesus came powerfully in those people`s lives. When He comes powerfully in one nation, its scientists find solutions for situations they couldn`t even imagine, but they think it is due to their own capacity. On the other hand, when the haughtiness shows up, God leaves. When Jesus sent the message to Laodicean, it was called “Amen” – the real faithful testimonial, the beginning and the end – He called the city as warm because in the past it was hot. There were references on the assets of Laodicean, such as gold, expensive tissues, and the eye drops, which were invented in the city. If you don`t depend on God, no one will help you, but if you depend on God, He will help you. Laodicean was going through a spiritual blindness because the Christian with great sight is the one who knows that only God can do everything and he can`t do anything by himself. Those people thought they were rich and didn`t depend on God, so they sank. Today the city is a desert and it disappeared from the map. The place where abundantly, there was the city, there isn`t anymore. Everything was made to Him and by Him, like you and I. One day, God regretted of having made men and it hurt His Heart for loving His creation. He was enraged and He knew it was necessary to take a decision even loving us so much. Nothing and no one would ease this anger God had towards men, but only His Son, the first work of God, Jesus. Such a love God feels for us for Him to look at His son and admit that He wouldn`t be able to love and forgive us unless His Son rescued us. Jesus answered and came to this world to die for us. The Holy Spirit chose a simple farming woman called Maria. The angel came and appeared to her. When he appeared, Luke 1.28, the angel said, “And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.” Maria was an ordinary woman, feared from the heart, pure, exemplary integrity and she loved the Lord above all else. The place with the biggest importance in the heart of Maria was for God, not for Joseph. Maria was special for having the most important place in her life for God, that`s what makes us special to God, to have the most important place in our heart for Him. You may have family, friends, loves, assets, but the most special place in your life must be for God. Jesus went through bad conditions in Samaria. He wasn`t received by anyone, He didn`t have a place to be lodged. He didn`t find a place either there or anywhere else. Before Jesus were born, He hadn`t found a place anywhere but in a manger, in a barn where they treated animals. People suffer because there`s no place for Jesus in their lives. Nations struggle due to that. If you keep a place for God, then, you won`t be defeated anymore. But what world is this one that humiliates the Savior before His Birth? This world doesn`t have a place for God and His Word. They observe us, they want us to fail, they want to humiliate and some of them are afraid of being linked to churches and Jesus The angel told Maria not to be afraid and she thought it was kind before God. That`s the strength of the prayer. Noah saved men from destruction because he thought the same before God. Jesus and the Holy Spirit pray and intercede through us. It`s not because our merit that our prayer arrive at God. The strongest and powerful prayer is when we please God and when we touch His Heart. There`s no barren, no impossible to Him in all of His promises. Jesus can`t find a place in people`s hearts, in churches, nations, politics, industries, … in so many places. The world may become cold, but God`s people will be favored; will live in a different way, for being different. If you please yourself before God, put Him in a special place in your life, and make Him smile, you will see miracles in your life. God`s sight is that there`s no justification for problems. All of the problems and difficulties are opportunities for God to perform miracles in order to make His power manifest in your life. When God is in your life, your shadow is the shadow of God; your sight is God`s sight. Give Him a place; Jesus will perform the work in your life.





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