Achieve your reward

Do not give up on the Lord, intensify your prayers, do not stop fasting, be persevering, so that you get your reward


By: Apostle Valdemiro Santiago

Article by: Gabriela Dorta

Achieve your reward
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

"Do not forsake your trust; she has great reward, "Hebrews 10:35.

The closer we get to God, the more we become involved with Him and trust in Him. The more experienced we stand in that we disrespect the struggles, the tribulations.

If you are experiencing any difficulty and in the past have already won by several. You are sure that the moment will come and will overcome this situation that afflicts you. But for you to be able to overcome these struggles, you must be present and connected with the Father, without giving up seeking Him. Of course there are unlikely situations, impossible, for our resources and we can not overcome them. But for God, nothing is impossible. Persevere in the Father's search, "For ye have need of perseverance, that, having done the will of God, ye might receive the promise," Hebrews 10:36. Do not give up on the Lord, intensify your prayers, do not stop fasting, be persevering, that you may obtain your reward for your reward, which is the Kingdom of God. We all have problems, difficulties, abate us, make us discouraged and think that the Lord is not listening to us, and has forgotten me, of you. But this is not it, the Lord wants to see your confidence, your perseverance, and doing His will. For you to have the reward you must remain in Him. Whatever the problem may be, the secret is that you trust in the Lord, because He has the power to heal, restore, and among other things that to the carnal eyes there is no solution. "But we are not of them that turn back to perdition; we are of faith for the preservation of the soul, "Hebrews 10:39. Do not cower, even if the pressure is great. Do not let this hinder you in winning your reward, trust only in Jesus Christ. Do not back off from your fight. May the Father bless you


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"Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee."

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