God who gave you

Understand something, however much you know, however much you have, but none of this is your merit, it was God who gave you


By: Apostle Valdemiro Santiago

Article by: Gabriela Dorta Sales

God who gave you
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

If the Lord does not build the house, those who build it work in vain; if the LORD does not guard the city, the watchman is in vain. . It will be useless for you to get up at dawn, to rest late, to eat the bread you painfully grows; he gives it to his loved ones while they sleep. Inheritance of the LORD are the children; the fruit of the womb, your reward. Psalm 127: 1-3

Jesus said that there was never anyone with Solomon's wealth and wisdom. Generations are gone and someone like Solomon will never appear again. Did he have more wisdom than we did? Did Solomon have more money than we did?

If the Lord does not build the house in vain, they work what they build. Building means building, building projects, leading a person's life. You and I have designs, projects, desires, dreams. Who has dreams? Whoever does not dream is dead. So this building is to build, complete, make a dream come true. If God does not make his dream come true, no one will do it, because God is the only one who can make our dreams come true. People want a reason to dream, to feel, touch, hold, visualize. We want to see the horizon and faith is not that. The word gift already means that it is not your merit, because someone has already given it to you. You have nothing that has been given, this is biblical too. Diplomas, resources, capabilities, qualifications, gifts. In 1 Corinthians 4: 7 it says: Why, who makes you different? What about you that you haven't received? And if you received it, why do you boast, as if you had not received it? Are there people who excel at what they do, all people do the same things, in the same way? No. Some stand out and even claim to be ahead of the others. So Solomon says with all the letters, if there is no participation of God, all the work will be in vain, all struggle and effort will be in vain. No one is self-sufficient, that is, you and I are totally dependent on God. And those who do not understand this will have many disappointments, frustrations, defeats, bitterness, heartbreak. So he doesn't suggest laziness, on the contrary, He rebukes the lazy one. He is saying that no matter how hard you try, if God is not part of it, you will not go forward to achieve it. Our success depends basically on how much we depend on God. Understand something, however much you know, however much you have, but none of this is your merit, it was God who gave it to you.


"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

(Hebrews 11:1)
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