Breast cancer: worker is cured

Maria Cecília Feitosa is part of the 600 thousand Brazilians who will receive the diagnosis of cancer according to INCA report


Breast cancer: worker is cured
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

Witnessing in the World City of God's Dreams, in Brás, São Paulo, meant the end of a cycle for the worker Maria Cecília Feitosa, 62, a resident of the eastern part of the city of São Paulo. Holding the exam folder as a trophy, she presented the medical report attesting to the cure of breast cancer.

"Surely he took upon us our infirmities and carried our sorrows upon us," Isaiah 53: 4a.

The first signs that aroused suspicion appeared months before the onset of the disease. A dark secretion has started to come out of the right breast and a doctor is sought for evaluation. The practitioner treats the case as a matter of course, scaling the surface of the nipple, and recommends that the routine be followed normally. The problem persists and Maria Cecilia's daughter comments on the October Pink campaign, suggesting that her mother give the mammogram free of charge in the campaign. The examination examines cancer and the worker begins to race against time. The diagnosis is part of the growing statistics of Brazilians who develop cancerous genes. The National Cancer Institute José Alencar Gomes da Silva, INCA, recently released a report which estimates that by 2019 about 600,000 cases of malignant tumors should be identified in the country. Sixty thousand will be breast cancer. In the case of the female worker, chemotherapy was not enough to beat the training and surgery to remove part of the breast is necessary. The tumor is successfully extracted and recovery takes place in record time. Even weakened by evil, Cecilia does not interrupt the search for the presence of God and periodically climbs to the mountain to pray and declare the complete restoration of the organism. "It was difficult, but it made a point of being there. Taking care of the sick body and the spirit, it was important to have balance and nourish the faith. I have also never stopped serving in the church. I was faithful and God honored me with healing. " Hair loss Hair is one of the most weight-bearing parts of a woman's self-esteem. Mary stood firm during all the stages; shaving his head was the moment he considered more difficult. "I did not spend a day in bed, I did well with chemo and surgery. But, running out of hair, just me who always had huge hair, was very heavy. Seeing him grow strong and healthy is a huge joy. "


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