Apostle Valdemiro Santiago supports the movement against the legalization of drugs

Movement made by congressmen receive the support of the leader of the Worldwide Church of God`s Power


Apostle Valdemiro Santiago supports the movement against the legalization of drugs
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

During the service, this Sunday, August 27th, 2017, the congressmen Campos Machado, Rodrigo Morais, and José Olímpio showed everyone the project that received the support of the Apostle Valdemiro Santiago, which is against the legalization of drugs in Brazil

“We have been facing a great threat. The Federal Supreme Court wants to release marihuana and cocaine sales in Brazil. They have three votes for this release. Together (José Olímpio, Rodrigo Morais and Campos Machado), we struggle with this decision and sough the support of Apostle Valdemiro Santiago and the Worldwide Church of God`s Power. We can`t allow the destruction of Brazilian families due to drug addiction. We need help in this national battle in order not to allow our youth to get lost for the addiction of drugs, alcohol, and cocaine, as well as crack. The population doesn`t accept this crime, and we need the work of God in this combat in favor of our people”, declared the congressman Campos Machado.

Apostle Valdemiro Santiago declared his support in the battle against the drug release. “In this work, we have seen so many lives destroyed by the addiction of drugs, many of them were rescued by the love of God, but they represent a small portion of those who suffer from this evil condition. We announced in this ministry of the Kingdom of God and we will keep doing so. Our songs foster peace and the Kingdom of God. It`s for integrity that we live for, according to the commandments of Christ. We have to fight for the Gospel and salvation” declared the Man of God.


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