Love your neighbor

The ministry is about salvation and love.


By: Apostle Valdemiro Santiago

Article by: Victor Correa

Love your neighbor
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

In the past, God instructed people on different positions and responsibilities. He used to ask men to interpret the laws Moses wrote. The Lord enabled them, set them and they were the judges to a very different population from today. In the past, there were not different laws to different countries. The judges were very important people of God.

God also made the priests who are mediators, men who make sacrifices. The priest had to conciliate the population with God. People sinned, committed infringements and went to talk to the priest because God didn`t hear people directly. He used to hear priests. Your sin was taken to him who determined the animal for the sacrifice and took your demands to God. Through priests, people used to receive. There were also the Levites, members of the tribe of Levi, who helped the priests on the altar. Below priests, there were the Levites who helped them.

The interpreter of the law tested Jesus in Luke 10.25. This man had to clarify the law to the population who didn`t understand them. According to the crime, some people were dead due to their infringement. When the law was interpreted, an interpreter saved many people. But, look at the situation of this man because he stood up to put Jesus under tests. There are many people who test Jesus currently. They also tease God, but some of them blamelessly because churches teach people to challenge God. Christians’ power is in faith and love. Everything you need, you will achieve with faith and love. This man didn`t perform well his role. He knew the laws more than anyone else, except Jesus. This man also wanted to impress Jesus. He came full of arguments that made him seem to be interested in the Salvation. His interests were not in the Salvation. He made basic questions with the intention of testing Jesus. How many do the work? But without the intention of Salvation, help and touch God`s heart. It`s enough to look at this ministry, life and fruits. Like many of them, this interpreter tried to be wise. Jesus answered him with another question because Jesus knew who that man was. Theoretically, that man wanted to inherit eternal life. We may live one hundred years on earth and receive miracles everyday, be given the whole world, but it won`t do any good if we don`t have the Salvation. Any happiness we may feel for our conquests or accomplishments, won`t be any valuable before our salvation, eternal life. When a servant or a preacher commit an infringement, he doesn`t know what salvation is. It is so important that it is worth any sacrifice, price and deliverance. The Salvation comes from God and inherit is the right of the son. We learn with this interpreter that we are suggested children of God. The eternal life we seek will be only reached if we become His children indeed. The law says that we have to love God deep from the heart. Never doubt it. Actually, as in the past, there are plenty of people who worship Jesus, saints, and other gods. They feared God, but loved other gods. God wants us to love Him deep from the heart, in other words, fully and not to have other gods. Other gods are not always statues on the wall, they may be your children, your spouses, your assets or anything that disturbs your relationship with God. It may be anything that absorbs part of your love of God. When the disciples found a possessed young man and couldn`t deliver him, Jesus said they should prepare themselves, they had to pray and fast more. There are problems that you and I will face, and we will just be able to overcome if we dress ourselves with the authority that comes from God. For us to have a blessed day, it`s necessary to pray, to fast, to seed the good harvest the day before. You have to love God powerfully. The right way is to fight together for His cause until the end of our strength because when we fight for God`s work, we have victory and we receive the miracle. If it`s done by heart, God honors overwhelmingly. Seek God with all of your understanding. That`s what we need the most in my opinion. The interpreter knew about it and Jesus made him repeat for him to be aware of his mistake. He also made that man give deposition against himself. We are aware of many mistakes we make. How many people are interested in other people`s benefits instead of minding their own business? That`s wrong, completely wrong. If we love our neighbor, we want him to be very successful and we know God won`t make us different from others. Unfair arguments come from envy and not to wish your neighbor success. Jesus said men are bad. That`s the reason why the recipe given is true. Love God and love your neighbor. Do that and you will thrive, your church will be crowded, full of miracles, and you will grow. They way we do our life long, that interpreter tried to justify himself. People try to be victims. Joseph was sold as a slave, underwent a lot of obstacles and didn`t pretend being a victim. When he left jail, the butler had forgotten about Joseph, but God never portalts. Never mind who receives the glory because who controls and distributes has an eye on you and takes notes of everything. The next is someone who exists and you are able to see, meet and get to know. Whether he is good or evil at you. Whether he is fair or unfair. If anyone causes you anything that seems unfair, it is not. God is the One who made Joseph`s path for you. Everything does good to the ones who love God and are called to His purposes. The parable of the Samaritans is done because the Samaritans were the worst people close to Jewish people at that time. There are several examples in the Bible of how the Samaritans didn`t receive the Jewish people, but their goodness is inherent. Through this example, God meant it would be much stronger with us who were His people. How much we can be good. Feel sorry for your neighbor. The goodness we have inside us, may make a difference in other people`s lives. That`s what God expects from us. When we love our neighbor, we show our love of God. The strongest prayer is compassion. When you feel it before praying, God operates in your favor. Our happiness and hope are fruits of angst Jesus carried for us. He was good and teaches us how to have the same feeling for everyone





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