You are never alone

“Do not run away, there’s just desert to coward ones.”


By: Apostle Valdemiro Santiago

Article by: Victor Correa

You are never alone
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

1 Kings 18 tells us that the prophet Elijah was afraid. We are smaller than he and I would like that much to be worthy of being his servant like Elijah. Elijah didn’t even pass through death. He was caught up. But he was death sentenced by the queen Jezebel and ran away to save his life. With his escape, Elijah didn’t have any friends, where to eat nor shelter. He searched for a cave.

Life is this way. If you run away from your problem, your life becomes empty. Nobody needs to run away from anything and any problem. When God puts Himself as our refuge and fortress and says He protects us under His wings, He means we can search for shelter with Him. I try to improve your faith in order to make you aware of a place to shelter yourself in case of getting to your edge cause there’s someone ready to help you. That’s the way I live.

You have to make your faith more mature. Jezebel was a queen and dictator. She left a message that she would do what had been done to Baal’s prophets. Elijah ran away alone and hid himself – to hide yourself it’s necessary to be alone. Either you believe and rely on God and live free or you hide yourself and live a lonely life. Elijah ran away to the desert because there wasn’t another place to go. He walked along the desert for a day and a half and had nothing else to do. Of course he would be found because the whole country was searching for him. Elijah was so sure and so annoyed that he would die because of the queen that he asked God to take him away before that happen. The human being, being anointed or not, if the society regards him as a super-hero, he is nothing. None of us can be regarded as the most, just God. We are totally depended on God. At that time, Elijah was the hope of his nation and asked for dying. Later, being tired he slept. When he woke up, the angel fed him. You may think it’s worth nothing, but when you live under the dependence of God, He would never leave you without life- sustaining resource. Whatever it is our necessity, there will always be an angel to help us. Elijah was given food because he was very weak. Even so, he ate and slept again so tiresome and weak he was. Some Christians say that it’s easy to bring people to their church, but it’s a lie because the Word says the cry may last a night, but the happiness comes in the morning. In other words, we may have a lot of troubles, but God will solve all of them in a while. Elijah’s sleep had a religious meaning. He was very humble. Ephesus 6:10 says that we have to be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might because there’s a spiritual battle to resist the bad day. The recommendation to avoid deserts is not to give up your faith and not to blame God for your problems and difficulties. With the strength of the food that the angel gave Elijah, he walked for forty nights and forty days. There’s no food that does such a thing. That food came from God and brought by an angel and everything that comes from God to our life is truly strong. What you receive through faith in God, through this ministry comes from a bigger source that is God with a lot of strength to your life. God’s nourishment will make your life luck. Elijah ate and walked for forty days and forty nights just because of him. Then, another angel came up and asked him why he was hidden. This prophet was so anointed and used by God so blessed that God honored everything he said. You and I have a very short limit but Elijah was very brave indeed. God used him so much, but look at the situation he got later and everything he had seen as well as heard. Although we are very faithful, there are moments in our life that our heart becomes very little. Elijah found himself alone. All of us have already talked and thought about it that we are alone in this battle, but we aren’t alone. Nobody is. God came to Elijah in the calmness and elected Elisha who was a simple farmer, but the most powerful God knew him. People may not know your job nor recognize your merits, but God knows them all. Don’t seek recognition because Elisha was called by God because of his heart. When you love God, He puts you in a book called Memorial. God thinks of you. That’s what is said in Malachi 3:16. Never portalt about God because if you remember of Him, He will always remember of you. This transition of warning others would take your place it disturbs. Elijah was a saint man, but God didn’t like his escape. He didn’t sin, but unpleased God. Even Elijah had something that unpleased God. The loneliness is due to the doubt because when the faith is strong, we determine how it will be. There are moments that it’s difficult. Elijah didn’t complain about having to name another one in his position. God prepared everything and it’s Him who ennobles. But even so there are the ones who complains if that happens. If you don’t get the possession over the things God gave you, He will anoint another one in your position. You can’t spend your whole life just asking for, you have to show the world the God that you work on behalf of. You have to talk about his magnitude, live for Him or He will set up another person in your position. When called, Elisha was nothing, but got everything he had and offered God. He wasn’t skillful, but God never calls the skillful ones, He makes them skillful. God never stops working on our lives. Elijah thought he was alone because of pain, fear, pressure, but God kept seven thousand men from a fake God who was Baal and made them loyal. Those men also were troubled They didn’t know each other. Elijah didn’t know them either. Each of them was in different places. God picked them up and preserved them because God preserves the ones who are loyal. Don’t bend yourself at present “Baals”. One of them is crisis. Be aware that if you lost a job, God prepared something bigger to give you. A Baal closed the older church, and if he hadn’t closed, we wouldn’t be in a bigger and newer place as we are. Everything contributes to the well-being for those who love God. The seven thousand are the Christians who in the happiness and plenty time or sadness and cry just love one. A single One. These are the people God preserves. It doesn’t matter what happens, be always faithful and love Lord. Our faith can’t oscillate nor change. Our life is the proof of God’s existence. God never leaves us alone only if you abandon Him. Because in the cave or out of it God is with us.





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