Cry out for God while He is near

Call Jesus Christ every time


By: Apostle Valdemiro Santiago

Cry out for God while He is near

In Romans 10.8, it`s said that God`s word is near us. No one would have excuses. The same Internet used for so many purposes is also used for sowing the word and take the Power of God. Jesus is the word, as it is said in John 1 where Jesus is the Verb or the Word. He was with God.

It`s up to me and to you to make this Verb, this word, this Christ be in the mouth and in the heart of everyone, talking about Him, His love, in Him. Heart means thought and if Jesus Christ is in your thought, thus, He is in your heart. He lived among us, resurrected from dead and what I say is the opposite of hate, war, and misery, anguish. This Verb, this word, this Jesus is opposite of everything which is unfairness, illness, plague, suffering. He made flesh Himself in order to suffer in on behalf of us. The Bible suggests that He should be in our mouth and our heart now.

We attract many problems, impairments, and illnesses. Many people are used to confessing bad things and invoking satan by chance, invoking problems, diseases. When you say you are sick, you get worse, and if you weren`t sick, you become sick. Likewise, it happens in every segment of your life, the unemployment, the loneliness, and everything else. It doesn`t matter your nationality, financial condition, intellectual capacity. Anyone in any language has the access to this word that is Jesus Christ. It`s near you in Africa, in Asia, in America, in Oceania, In Middle East, and even in countries where the preaching of the gospel is forbidden, this word is present. The world belongs to God and He is Omnipresent, He is everywhere at the same time. When we talk about something, we call it for us. If you talk about evil, hard conditions, sufferings, anguish, problems, you will have them in your life because you attract that for you and you don`t improve. If you call the Lord instead of calling evil, you call Christ, God, the Father, the Holy Spirit, you become stronger so your life runs well. When you talk about others’ defects, someone`s life, problems, and people`s evil, you attract the bad side to your life. That`s the reason why the word suggests that God is accessible in our heart and in our mouth. We decide whether evil or goodness will be with us. The one you invoke is the one who will follow you. Those who testify to Christ called Him in their lives. Never invoke evil, call the Lord and you will see the doors opening, and miracles happening. Satan doesn`t have access to your life when you call God. You are not saved because you belong to this or that church, God never instituted churches much less their brands. The level of spirituality and manifestation of God in churches basically depend just on the dedication and deliverance of those who run them, who lead them. Therefore, you can`t say that this one or that one doesn`t belong to God or not because men seek God, their faith makes the difference. The more you seek God, the more He is in your life. On your day, are you more concentrated on problems or on God? What you call is what comes to your life. Be more concerned about God`s issues and He will be strongly present in your life, on your path, and everyone will see that. The one who believes in Jesus, won`t be mixed up, lost, abandoned. Keep believing and you will see the glory of God manifested in your life. There is no separation, God doesn`t have preference on this or that. He loves everyone evenly, all of human beings. Never wish God destroy your neighbor because of you because He won`t take part. Jesus came to rescue human beings. God wants us to be always together in love, to respect each other, to pray for one another, and to deliver forgiveness to all. God will be pleased at you, and when He is pleased at anyone, He changes this person`s history as well as the whole universe. God regretted human beings’ creation and when there was a man who touched God`s heart, so the Lord became pleased at him, He saved human beings with an ark. Today, the ark`s door is Jesus Christ to rescue our lives, to get into and find green field. There is no pure race because pure is the one who was washed up with the blood of Jesus Christ, the one who has the word in the heart. Being sad, disappointed, call for God. Always call for God because God is rich at everyone who calls Him. The salvation may not pass through any church or religion; the salvation comes when you call God for eternal life and deliverances When we feel afraid, it`s because we are not in love and that`s biblical. Love kills fear. When we are in love with God and with people, we become courageous, strong. The stronger the love is, the less fear is present in your life and the more you live, positively speaking. You may be very religious, but if you don`t love, you will not have good lifestyle. The name of the church is just a brand because the society requires that, it`s part of the world. What matters the most is what we sow, which is the word; it`s what we plant in people`s heart. The word doesn`t say that you have to believe in me, follow this or that one, but you have to call God. Always call God under the name of Jesus Christ because He shows Himself as door, key, and the path towards God. He is the One who provides us with the access to the Father and guarantees our visa of entrance. Psalm 145: 18 says that the Lord is close to those who seek Him indeed. The emphasis is because there are those who seek God with hypocrisies Invoke the name of the Lord means talking about Him to people. The more you talk about Him to people, the more blessed you are. The instruction is to pray without quitting, to call God`s name every time, to think about Him.





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“The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death.”

(Proverbs 14:27)
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