After attending several services as well as prayer campaigns, Jovânia Ramires alves was completely delivered.


Article by: Madalena Mattos

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When she was 19, Jovânia Ramires Alves was already a single mother of two boys and worked as waitress at an upscale nightclub in Três Lagoas in Mato Grosso do Sul. With her father sick of cancer, and undergoing financial hard times, Jovânia decided to get into prostitution life to help the budget at home. She is the youngest in a family of eight brothers. Going through many difficulties, and following the example of her eldest sister, who was a prostitute, Jovânia also became a prostitute. “Hard financial condition, and the needs at home were high, and I didn`t get a regular job”, she declared. Fifteen years at nightclubs, selling her body to make her family`s end meet. Besides her life in prostitution, Jovânia started using cocaine and have all kinds of alcoholic drinks. “Before prostituting, I had to use drugs in order to have courage”, declared during a service ministered by the bishop Alex Almeida with a large crowd present at the headquarters of the Worldwide Church of God`s Power in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul. She worked at several nightclubs of some towns in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, such as Três Lagoas, Dourados, Ponta Porã, and Porto Murtinho. Some years later, working as call girl, she became a manger of nightclubs. “I became the owner of one nightclub, managed three nightclubs with about 150 girls”, she sadly recalls. At that time, she got many real estates, luxurious cars, lands, jewelries, and much money, but she lost everything in one year. “My former husband cheated on me and got all of my assets. When I became aware of that, I had nothing else from night to day. Besides all that, I had a debt of R$ 250 thousand reais he left for me to pay. I had to sell the little I had in order to pay it off”, she tells. After15 years in this promiscuous life, drugs, violence against woman, the con from her former husband, no money, no moral, no dignity, she met the Worldwide Church of God`s Power. She got to the temple through a former nightclub owner who attended the church and who also wanted to quit that life of prostitution. At that time, she told me to search for God otherwise I would die due to so much drug and alcoholic drink. With no way out of her issues, and with her life completely destroyed, she decided to accept the invitation of this friend of hers, who also quit that kind of life and got converted to Jesus

God saved my life

The turnaround in Jovânia`s life started in March, 2013, when for the first time she attended the Tuesday of Urgent Miracle service in the city of Campo Grande, where the Worldwide Church performs every Tuesday. She started to pay attention to the preaching and testimonials, her heart opened to the Lord. “At that time, I attended the cult, but as soon as I left the church, I went straight to the nightclub to prostitute myself. I used to take the little towel “Be You A Blessing” to the prostitutes of that place, but most of them criticized me telling me it was hypocrisy. I didn`t care much because I knew God talked to my heart everyday. At that church and on TV, I heard the testimonials of people at the same situation as mine or even worse, who were reached by God, and I started to think about my life better.” She remembered It didn`t take long, she found out that her exit of problems was at that place. After attending several services as well as campaigns of prayers, Jovânia was completely delivered. She quit prostituting; she got a job as a cashier in a supermarket. Nowadays, she is married to the pastor Erick Ramires Alves, and now she is a missionary at the work they perform at the Worldwide Church of God`s Power in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. She says that they don`t mind what people say or what people think about them because her past was left behind. “Some time ago, I thought people looked at me in a different way, but time went by and this feeling is over by now, praise the Lord. Her eldest son, 18, is also a pastor at the Worldwide Church, but the youngest one, 17, lives with his aunt , and has still resentment because of her mother`s life in the past. She believes one day God will show everything to her son and he will forgive her. Everything has its own time, says the Lord in Ecclesiastes 3: “There`s A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.” I believe in this wonderful God. In fact, He saved my life in His time” She concluded


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