No one loves us as much as God does

“My dream was to come to the altar with my son saved to testify and glorify God”.


No one loves us as much as God does
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

After twenty years in the world of crime and five years arrested, William Aparecido da Silva Rocha, 33, and his mother, Sônia Maria da Silva Rocha, resident in São Bernardo, São Paulo, glorified God for the change made by the Holy Spirit. “I was involved with drug deals, I was chemical dependent, and made my family suffer a lot. I used all kinds of drugs and commited much crime to a moment I was arrested in Santos.” tells William.

“I used to take the little towel Be You A Blessing to him in prison, and I cried a lot; my life was at the bottom of the hill with all doors closed. I had a nodule in my breast and sadness over my son`s life. Nine years ago, I met the TV program of the Worldwide Church of God`s Power when I started to seek God for my life as well as for my son`s life”, explains Sônia. “My dream was to come to the altar with my son saved to testify and glorify God”

“I started to watch the program of the Worldwide Church of God`s Power while I was in prison”, says William, “and my life has changed little by little according to the space I provided Jesus to operate in it. I was sentenced to eight years in prison and God cut it to five years for me to meet my mother and together to serve God in free condition in harmony. I looked forward to having God`s forgiveness and hers as well for me to start my life again”. Together on the altar, William and Sônia testified the miracle, and fulfilled Sonia`s dream. “God restored my health, healed me from the nodule in my breast, brought my son saved in Jesus Christ. Now, he is honest, he is delivered from drugs and crime, he works, God provided us with prosperity and peace, real quality of life. I glorify and honor God and this ministry for all He does to us. Just God loves us as much”, declares Sônia, emotionally.


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“My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.”

(Psalm 9:9)
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