The change of your life is in God

"God has placed angels in my life, people who have helped me, who have taught me."


The change of your life is in God

With pieces of clothing that precede the miracle Christ has made in her life, Adelaide Erotides Macedo Batista, 29, a resident of New Xavantina, Mato Grosso, testifies. "I was obese, depressed, suffered from health problems due to weight, but Jesus healed me. Some people believe that being overweight is not a disease, but I will speak from my experience, being obese is a serious illness. I do not talk about people who are full, I mean obesity. I weighed more than one hundred and twenty-six kilos by 2017. The weight caused me spinal problems since I was a child, breathing, among other evils. But the worst were the psychological ones.

I spent six years with depression, insomnia, the will to kill me. I suffered from prejudice and had prejudice to myself. I was ashamed to buy clothes, I needed to tailor them. My own daughter could not hold me because of my belly. People greeted me with a look of rejection.

I tried to have bariatric surgery, but the financial conditions prevented me, I tried the SUS queue for the surgery and I could not. I took pills to lose weight, none had. It was when I met God through the work of this church and I asked the Lord's help to make a miracle, a change in my life. I made a vow with God that, if He would make me thin, I would be a tithe and faithful column of this work. God put angels in my life, people who helped me, who taught me about food and methods so that I could take care of my health without needing to pay anything, and in eight months I lost thirty-eight kilos. God has healed me of the problems of the spine, the small diseases and insomnia, liberated me from depression, gave me peace and happiness, a healthy life and I glorify Him for everything, because only those who have experienced it know how great the miracle is. Today, I am a faithful column of this ministry and I testify to all that God can change his life according to the desire of his heart, "he concluded.


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“Concerning thy testimonies, I have known of old that thou hast founded them for ever.”

(Psalm 119:152)
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