Family reconciles after father gives up addictions

Ildefonso drank for 40 years; addiction destroyed your marriage


Family reconciles after father gives up addictions
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

God loves the family. He created it and reproduces this system of sonship in heaven. Christ is called a son and teaches us how to treat him as a father. The merchant Ildefonso Ferreira da Silva, 61, saw this institution so dear to God that it was destroyed.

For 10 years, she lived apart from the wife who asked for separation for no longer supporting her husband's addiction to drink and cigarette. Over the period of time, he turned away from the businessman.

Together again, the couple told the Apostle Valdemiro Santiago how God restored his family in the World City of the Dreams of God in Santo Amaro, São Paulo. "I wanted to leave the drink, I just did not have the strength. It would put on your channel, change and tune again. I felt God speaking to my heart that there would come a time when every Sunday I would be here, "he said with emotion as he remembered the beginning of the liberation process. According to the wife all the friends who frequented the bars with Ildefonso already passed away. He remained to live the promises and plans that God has dreamed. "Your breakfast was already the drink. He did not see the children grow up, made the family suffer a lot. God needed to change my heart, I no longer wanted to forgive him. " Currently, the couple lives in the district of Jaguara, West Zone of the capital of São Paulo and enjoys a second honeymoon with the resumption of life to two. Friends of the time all died. "He did not see the children grow up. It is a disease that causes the family to suffer " Breakfast was already the drink. It made the family suffer a lot. We stayed apart and did not want to see him anymore. God stirred my heart. It turned out, my heart no longer wanted to forgive him. "You are our prize, the result of all the struggles we have faced," said the apostle.


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