Large Concentration of Faith and Miracles in Curitiba, Paraná.

Apostle Valdemiro Santiago and Bishop Francileia`s presence in Curitiba where it would be the Worldwide City of God`s Dreams in Paraná.


Article by: Victor Correa

Large Concentration of Faith and Miracles in Curitiba, Paraná.
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

This Saturday October 1st, 2016, Apostle Valdemiro Santiago and the Bishop Francileia gathered a large crowd to worship God at Frederico Maurer Street, 149, Hauer neighborhood in front of Shopping Cidade in Curitiba, Paraná.

According to the update ultimately done by Apostle Valdemiro Santiago, the place – which would be acquired to turn into Worldwide City of God`s Dreams of Paraná – failed agreement with its owners. “Many people know how we are discriminated and how much this ministry is persecuted. It`s not the first time that I lost something which was planned to take place and that I intended deeply from my heart to be done to God. But I believe that He is the one who shows us the way to get a new better place or change the feeling from the owners` heart. I surely know that God has already been working on it to benefit us. It`s such a pity that we weren`t able to have an agreement because this would be a suitable place for worshipping God. It will be where God says it will be. He is the owner of this ministry.” Declares Apostle Valdemiro Santiago.

The event took place with the attendance of many people from the region. There were several testimonials of faith as well as plenty of wonderful things done by God`s power through God`s men and women who have worked for our lives in this ministry. “Everyone can dare denying, but the result of the work from this ministry is the undeniable presence of God`s power shown through His grandeur and efficiency in the life of the ones who seek Him.” Said Apostle. While preaching, the Word can be followed by this link, spread to bless the ones who are either present or away following the work, the ministry of God. In case of not having seen it yet, read it. If you were present and watched it, review and study Jesus Christ`s message for your life delivered by Apostle Valdemiro Santiago, the Prophet of the Nations. The God`s man also blessed everyone, the city and the authorities. Among them, the governor of Paraná, the mayor of Curitiba, the deputy Ricardo Arruda, and the bishop Marcelo Pires. Couples were introduced to the ministerial call as pastors and bishops to help with the growth and the spread of Jesus Christ`s gospel in the region according to the Lord.


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"When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment. For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole."

(mark 5.27-28)
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