The great vigil of the difference

The last vigil of 2016 is the first from a series of thirteen for the difference in Christians’ life


Article by: Victo Correa

The great vigil of the difference
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

It took place from December 9th to 10th all night long to early hours of the following day at The Worldwide City of God’s Dreams in Santo Amaro, São Paulo. The last vigil of the year was also called as The First Vigil of the Difference. Apostle Valdemiro Santiago said: “Today, the Power of God will touch your life in such a way you will never portalt. God is present to protect us against crisis, epidemics, evil traps. There will be thirteen vigils from this one on.”

A crowd of people came from many places of Brazil as well as from the whole world to seek and worship God. Bishops, regional pastors and mainly the bishop from Maputo in Africa were present.

After the vigil, Apostle Valdemiro Santiago went up the mountain, carrying the letters from tithe givers, and several names, and prayers to show the Lord, but before he ministered blessings to the ones who were together there. “The purpose of these vigils is to change your life. I could simply pray and afterwards go up the mountain, repeat this condition, but it wouldn`t work out if you didn`t learn how to be happy in God”, he declared. God operated miracles, wonders, and testimonials through the life of the man of God and many people who were present through faith in Jesus Christ, who was worshipped and exalted. A message of faith was given to everyone`s life, which can be read, remembered, followed and saved through this link. At the end of the vigil, Apostle Valdemiro Santiago blessed the people and introduced ten pastors to receive the anointment of bishops. “To every bishop who quits the church, God consecrates ten.”, said the Apostle, who consecrated ten new bishops indeed. “The perfect servant told us to be always happy”, in relation to casual changes and the power that God gives in pro of the good progress of the ministry which belongs to Him.


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“Say not thou, I will recompense evil; but wait on the LORD, and he shall save thee.”

(Proverbs 20:22)
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