The vigils of the difference in God

Dawn hours of worshipping and lessons to the Christian servant.


Article by: Victor Correa

The vigils of the difference in God
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

During the dawn hours of November 11th, 2016 in Santo Amaro at the Worldwide Church of God`s Power, Apostle Valdemiro Santiago gathered a crowd of servants, preachers, pastors, and bishops from the ministry for the vigils in pro of the operation of God`s Power in all of Jesus` believers` lives.

“There`s no more difference between Christians and unbelievers. There are people suffering, unemployed, to such an extent that it`s difficult to notice who is who. Even in this ministry, people mix up the reason why they watch the service, even from traditional leaders, and they don`t feel a thing, they don`t see any miracle. The spirituality has been lower and lower, even for me to teach. The ones who should strengthen themselves, the ones who chose to live for the ministry, don`t do it. They are carnal people and many times they don`t have anything to offer believers’ lives. Most of times, they are unfaithful. I don`t accept my life, anointed by God, to be mixed up with unbelievers’ lives. They may accept defeat, but in mine there is the God of the Universe, from the eternal life.” Declared Apostle Valdemiro Santiago.

Songs, testimonials, worship to Jesus Christ fulfilled all dawn hours with constant concerns about God`s Work, ministerial work, the value of Jesus Christ`s love, and the purpose of the Salvation as the first and the most important step in the whole work. It was confirmed by the presence of God, manifest in miracles and wonders, signals that follow those people who believe in God faithful in Jesus. With instructions of how a servant should be, Lord`s House minister, in God`s Work, Apostle Valdemiro Santiago gives what God put in his life, which message may be read and meditated through this link. “Today, God put something in my heart, and long time ago I was deprived and He was merciful at me. He put a project in my heart and I was regarded as a mad person several times. Do you think it`s God`s wishes that you starve and live in needs? It`s biblical that you may cry, but it isn`t biblical to be depressed because the Bible says that the cry may last for one night, but the happiness may come in the morning.” Said the man of God. Apostle also leaves the following instruction: “Once a month, every second Friday of every month, we will be here together, bishops, pastors, servants, young generation, support, gospels. Those who are absent, God will charge the unfairness from them and they will lose their ministry. Pastors, who don`t prepare their caravans, will be charged by God. There must be difference in your life and people have to see that.”


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“My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.”

(Psalm 9:9)
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