Offer the age of your related one for god to bless him and help the TV program keep on air

Exclusive bank account created to receive donations to pay for space in media.


Article by: Victor Correa

Offer the age of your related one for god to bless him and help the TV program keep on air
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

With a new purpose given him by God, Apostle Valdemiro Santiago transmits the following message: “Due to all of our pending payment to make this ministry go on because of either media, employees, or tax, rent of temples, renovations, I asked my daughter, Pastor Raquel, to come up with a bank account under the name of the Worldwide Church of God`s Power at Banco do Brasil, for five percent (5%) of the offers to be deposited in this bank account exclusively to help with the TV program pending payment in order to keep it on air.”

This bank account is the following: branch 1512-1, account 19-955-9, at Banco do Brasil. After that, he released the purpose to everyone how much God put in the heart.: “I ask for those who may help depositing monthly in this bank account exclusively for the TV program payment and choose a related one at your home , could be your son, your husband, your wife, and offer the quantity that refers to the age of this person of your family. If your son is twenty-five, offer twenty-five reais. The other month, offer an amount equivalent to your age

This offer has nothing to do with other offers from payment books, purposes, and it`s not a book, it`s just an account, which we will be thankful for your contribution, because it`s to pay for the TV program and no other thing. Those, who know this ministry, are aware of how many times we have changed TV channels due to those difficulties. We want to certify that the TV program of this ministry reaches your home”, declared The monthly offer, which will represent a beloved related of yours, ahs a biblical basis from the example of Job`s life. “It`s biblical giving the offer under the name of your family members like Job used to do as we can read in Job 1: 5. Job made offers under the name of his ten children for God to bless all of them continuously. Dhow your related one and fulfill God`s test because His word will never come empty.” Teaches God`s man. For you to help this campaign, we reinforce: make the donation under the amount of age of your related one in the bank account of the Worldwide Church of God`s Power, branch 1512-1, account 19-955-9, at Banco do Brasil, which is just for the TV program exclusively for God to bless your life and keep God`s Word on TV to reach more people.


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