Great concentration of faith and miracles in Tucumã, Pará

Apostle Valdemiro Santiago ministers the service at Praça de Eventos Culturais Tuto Pombo Kayapó


Great concentration of faith and miracles in Tucumã, Pará
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

This Friday, August 18th, 2017, in Tucumã, Pará, Apostle Valdemiro Santiago and the Bishop Franciléia, together with the singer Juliana Santiago and her band, were gathered with a crowd of Christians to perform a great concentration of faith and miracles at Praça de Eventos Culturais Tuto Pombo Kayapó. A crowd came together to sing and worship the Lord, under a higher number of the population of that town. This event received people from neighbor towns as well as their authorities and governors from the same places

Since his arrival in Tucumã, at the airport, Apostle and Bishop performed hand imposition on several Christians who were waiting for them kindly in order thank the couple for their work in the name of God and to find together with both faith hope in the Word of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

“I have been under a lawsuit for fishing in this area, and I wasn`t fishing. They wanted to raise their reputation using my name, and I thought fishing was my right. Everything Valdemiro and the Bishop Franciléia do is regarded as different. It disturbs people. I have already wanted to come to this region, but I haven`t done it in order to avoid this chasing. But today, I am happy at being here because today I came to fish souls”, said Apostle Valdemiro Santiago. Among miracles, wonders, songs, and testimonials the name of Jesus Christ was exalted. Apostle Valdemiro Santiago ministered the word of faith and hope, which can be seen at this link. He blessed all attendees and prayed in favor of local authorities. After ministering the word of God, Apostle consecrated the lives of two new pastors for the Work of the Lord.


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