Great Concentration Of Faith And Miracles In Laranjal

Apostle Valdemiro Santiago preaches in the small town of Minas Gerais


Great Concentration Of Faith And Miracles In Laranjal
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

The day November 2nd, 2017, 54-year-birthday date of Apostle Valdemiro Santiago, the God`s Man held a large concentration of faith and miracles in Laranjal, Minas Gerais, near his hometown, Cisneros. He was received at the altar under the song of happy birthday from the whole Church; Apostle said: "Laranjal reminds me of when I was a kid, of all the places I grew up and played. Today, there will be miracles in this place, and the history of this region will change in the name of Jesus. This meeting will be marked in the history of Laranjal. There were many birthdays I wanted to eat a cake but I couldn't and many birthdays, after accepting Jesus, that God gave me everything I needed, but I didn't have such a good birthday spending close to the people of God. These are the ones I'm most excited and appreciate. "

Praise and worship shared space with testimonies of miracles and wonders performed by the power of God over the small town of Laranjal. With anointment, the Apostle Valdemiro Santiago delivered the message from God, which can be read at this link.

Then the Prophet of Nations enshrined four couples to bishops and then held a prayer in favor of the authorities and for the improvement of the nation and by the blessing of God on the Governments of the country, for the wellbeing of Brazil. At the end of consecration, another room of celebrations for the Apostle Valdemiro Santiago`s birthday with the delivery of cake in his honor with a thumbnail of the Prophet of the Nations on the cake. "Here we are before a great man of God who always prays and fasts and sleeps little, wakes up at dawn to intercede for our life. He prays, intervenes miracles in our lives and God the Almighty has abundantly blessed us, said the Bishop Josivaldo Batista before a call of the whole Church for a prayer in favor of the birthday man and his family.


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