Winners of the Third Trophy Generating Salvation thank

Follow the dedications and acknowledgements of these great names of Brazilian gospel music


Winners of the Third Trophy Generating Salvation thank
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

In this third edition of Trophy Salvation in 2017, Generating great names of vessels of the Brazilian gospel music online votes received for a period of one month and a few days, in order to elect those who would be honored in this issue, for his work between October 2016 and October 2017. On stage at the Citibank Hall, in São Paulo, the winners and their representatives of those who, for good reason, could not attend, welcomed God and the recognition for their careers in a work that improves every day by the effort of their hearts in delivering the best to God. Champion of new artist category, Isadora Pompeo stated: "exceeded all my expectations, I just have to thank Jesus, because all this work is not about us, it's about Him, for Him, we simply fulfill His will. I'm speechless, because Jesus leads us to places I have never imagined coming and I'm glad to be part of this event, the glory that is to demonstrate how God uses us. I just have, with great joy, to thank" Dual Revelation champion, Alison and Neide, summed up in a few words, together, the emotion: (Alison): "it's a real blessing! I never imagined that there would be something alike; figure out receiving this affection and recognition for our work. God is very good for us, even when we don't imagine, in spectacular ways ". (Neide): "I thank God. The whole event is a way for Him to demonstrate love for all of us, both whom He uses to praise as He plays through the praise. It's too good to be here " Absent because of Ministerial commitments outside of Brazil, the champion of category worship and praise-moment of prayer, Gabriela Ramirez, did not send representatives. Next to his wife and with a special dedication to her, the singer Tom Carfi received the award for the category worship and praise-Faith and celebration. "First I thank God for the opportunity to participate in this event once again, Generating the work especially for Salvation to us and I want to dedicate this award to my wife, Carla Carfi, whom I love, and all of you who voted me, that God bless you all, praise God, guys. Once again they got here (in Generating Salvation) get emotional. During my career, in the past many people told me I couldn't, I wouldn't go anywhere and today, in an event like this one, premium, I just thank God, because (the award Generating Salvation), came to prove God's love for us , we followed the career of gospel music by faith " With her usual charisma, the winner in category children's Project, Aline Barros, declared: "I thank God for my Ministry, for this moment to be here, in a big event that recognizes our career of faith. I started with five years or less to praise God and thank Him for my family, which gave me the necessary structure for environments like this. I glorify Him today, I have a House that fears God each day is new, enforcing this Ministry with truth, praising God for more people to be saved, have their lives transformed, achieved by Jesus Christ. I've found thanks to his eyes, to have my family impacted and say how nice it is to receive moments like today, because in our walk of faith, have moments sometimes sadden us, that are difficult, that the responsibilities as a mother and wife and also with the Church on to be gathered, scare us from continuing to write praises, but when we put our lives in the hands of God with submission, He gives us conditions and preparing something like this trophy, to tell us through all: continue. I thank God for this gift he gave me, to bless you with joy, and I want to get in front of him one day and say: I used the talents that gave me the most, to magnify your holy name. And be able to go over with incentives like today's wonderful, precious, I believe, for me and everyone that we are here, in this very beautiful project, which allows, rather than sing, listen to you, by their votes and gratitude"

Gabriel Guedes, champion of the video of the year category, with the Wedding Video, also thanked: "I'm very honored, happy for the opportunity to simply participate in a beautiful project like this one. I thank God and my church that told me about the trophy and everyone who voted me. I thank my family and my brothers, that came with my journey. It was an amazing surprise winning and getting emotional at receiving the great Pastor showing the champion of the category. A milestone for me, with two years of my channel, was the recognition of the work to God. Thank you, Generating Salvation "

Alongside the other members of the Coral Kemuel, the contralto Eliane Marx was the one who spoke on behalf of the group, champion of the category band or group: "we just have a lot to thank God. This year 2017, for us, is the year of gratitude, the year we saw fruits of all our work. We are thankful to the Lord, the Pastor Raquel and the program Generating Salvation to our record label and all accompanying our ministry, support us, and appreciate what God gives us. We are happy; this trophy Generating Salvation is awesome! This event will continue to provide all this joy we feel this third year with you " Due to ministerial career and commitments, another person missing was the champion of the category song of the year; with the praise Is Quiet, Palak Santos. Her mother, Marta Santos, received the trophy in his place thankfully. "Thanks to our best friend God, after all the friends of my daughter and the organizers and participants of this beautiful project, which I believe, came from the heart of the Lord. Dedicated to God this victory " "It's a night of joy, praise, a hug from God in our lives," said the winner of the Category of Singer of the year, Leonardo Gonçalves. "The only word I have to define what I feel is gratitude. I don't feel worthy of any prize, it's a privilege to continue serving God, be used by him, I, a person fails. Thank you very much to you, mainly by granting me recognition. I was nine months stopped during this period between October 2016 and October 2017 and yet, I'm here and I can only thank and yield all honor and glory to God " The winner of the singer of the year category, Priscilla Alcantara, said: "it's a pleasure to be here, I'm very happy, because I'm just fulfilling God's call in my life, that's my priority, everything else is gratifying, and this here is very beautiful. Thanks God first, to those who follow my Ministry, to my family, to Sony Music for trusting in my art. I dedicate the award to gospel singers who came before me, who fought to get here today, with a lineup like this. Thank you for gracing my life, because I learn from each of you every day and I can say that true success is to have God. If you have God, this is the greatest joy. As the Apostle Timothy, the greatest soldier is one who recognizes and appreciates that the recruited. Have to Jesus Christ, who loved us "


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