30 years of success

GS performs tributes to names of the gospel world


30 years of success
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

The Generating Salvation Award took place this Monday (December 11th) at the Citibank Hall. The event has the purpose of honoring gospel artists who bring salvation through the gift given by the Lord Besides the award of categories Pastor Raquel Santiago performed two tributes at that night for those who turn 30 years of professional career. One of them was for the group MK music record which has been into the market for 30 years and the other one was for the singer Aline Barros MK music group record company has been into the market for 30 years, which had great importance for contributing to Gospel music. To receive the honors Mr. Carlos Knust took the stage, which has been contributing to the success of this group for 25 years.

"On behalf of Yvelise, Arolde and Marina de Oliveira, we thank you, Raquel, this initiative is so beautiful. People deserve this beautiful event that is happening. I have been part of the MK for 25 years and I can say that in those 30 years there's been a lot of trouble to turn gospel music into a reality. And the MK has a share of contribution to this reality. Thank you for all the singers who have gone on and to all those who are still part of it, we are one for the Kingdom of God, "said Carlos Knust.

And the second was for the singer Aline Barros, who turns 30 years of career. Several singers present sang your praises snippets that did very successfully. Aline took the stage to receive the honors. "I am happy to be honored. Praise the Lord since I was 5 years old God has been wonderful to me, He has given me a blessed family. Together we build a beautiful story, and the most precious thing we have is to speak of the love of God. Never forget, a successful life is a life of obedience ", concludes Aline Barros. The team wanted to demonstrate the affection of Generating Salvation at these names for years in gospel career with the only goal, to generate salvation.


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