Mayor and Regional Mayor visit the Worldwide City of God`s Dreams

João Dora’s Presence on Sunday Concentration


Mayor and Regional Mayor visit the Worldwide City of God`s Dreams
PHOTO: Eduardo Pinto

Visiting the Worldwide City of God`s Dreams in East zone of São Paulo, in Brás, the Mayor João Doria attended the meeting this Sunday the 26 of November 2017. "I'm very happy to be here with the Apostle, I feel blessed and I'm impressed with the size of this temple and all this crowd," said the Mayor of the city of São Paulo on the altar.

Between thanks, even referenced, in addition to the Apostle and Bishop Franciléia and daughters Juliana and Raquel Santiago, the missionary Joseph Olímpio and Rodrigo Morais, the councilman Gilberto Nascimento, and the Regional Mayor Paulo Sérgio, also were present at the meeting.

"I thank the Apostle for all the prayers you've made for bringing hope to everyone. Do good means to generate love and so is the word of Christ, Christ has generated and continues doing so through love, the word and the attitude of people like the Apostle Valdemiro Santiago who always treat me and everyone else lovingly and affectionately with sincerity and good humor. I wish everyone a life under the peace of Christ, on good will, following precepts and prayers. Life with the one you love is the best thing ever; life of solidarity is enhanced and raises people to another level. Be nice to your peers, do good, be sincere and solidary, which will make a better town of São Paulo of Brazil a better country, "said the Mayor. Apostle Valdemiro Santiago reinforced respect and honor to the authorities, Biblical message. "Cousin for Justice, we have to respect the authorities because they were instituted by God. If something bothers us, we claim, with sincerity and respect because it pleases God. I'm satisfied with the Mayor Doria, with the affection and the job he has held in favor of the work of God ".


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