Solidarity Christmas: donate panetones and toys for social action

Items will be directed to an evangelistic event in a poor community in São Paulo


Solidarity Christmas: donate panetones and toys for social action
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A great act of love and solidarity has been promoted by AMAS, the World Association of Social Assistance, together with the teams of the "Pour the Balsam" and "Hands to the Work" programs. During December, panetones and toys will be collected to distribute in needy communities in the city of São Paulo at Christmas Solidario, an evangelistic event that the group will hold in the first fortnight of this month. The initiative will offer several services to the participants, among them are haircut for men and women, brush and iron for women, eyebrow designer, skin cleansing, manicure, massage, lecture on prevention against breast cancer, pressure gauging , social worker to guide families and work gymnastics.

"On behalf of the social arm of IMPD, I want to thank you for bringing your donation to Solidarity Christmas. Every church has been engaged in this project. You who have not yet brought, participate! There is still time. Look for a World Cup and help us, "extended the invitation Missionary Márcio Santiago, director of AMAS.

In addition to the traditional festive items, organizers also urge the public to bring in non-perishable foods for the preparation of basic food baskets. The main receiving station is the World City of the Dreams of God, at Brás, at Rua Caetano Pinto, 584. But you can also contribute by taking your donation to any congregation of the ministry. AMAS will be available to withdraw large amounts of donations. The scheduling should be done directly with the team at its headquarters at Rua Flora, 43, at Brás or by phone + 55 (11) 2679-3844.


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